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Jeyco has an experienced team of engineers and project managers with a broad range of skills in the marine industry.

We provide marine engineering and naval architectural consultancy services and are the leading solutions provider for the design, supply, installation and ongoing management of both cyclone and storm mooring systems on the Australian coast and overseas.

We offer the following services:-

  • Mooring design, analysis and verification.
  • Equipment specifications and selection.
  • Towing design and analysis.
  • Project management including installation engineering and field (on-site) management.
  • Procedural development.
  • Marine and structural engineering.
  • Seafastening / cargo securing analysis
  • Vessel modifications
  • Vessel motion and stability (intact and damage) analysis.
  • Heavy lift design, analysis and specification.
  • Lifting equipment inspection and certification services

Jeyco Engineering Services Brochure

Jeyco engineers have extensive experience on large and small projects. Our ethos is to work closely with clients to find the optimal solution on time and within budgets.

Jeyco can design your storm or cyclone mooring to your vessel specifications and environmental criteria. Please use this page if you require a quote on a storm or cyclone mooring.

General Storm & Cyclone General Arrangement

Recent projects:-

2010/2011 - Ongoing management of third party mooring assets.

2011 – Design and supply of 18 day and 18 cyclone moorings for Queensland.

2011 – Design and supply of holdback mooring utilising buoys with integrated quick release hooks. .

2011 – Lifting equipment inspection and certification services for a number of operational vessels.

2010 – Design and supply of temporary deep water mooring for AHT standby vessel.

2010 – Design, supply and installation management of 16 moorings in Dampier and Montebello Islands.

2009 – Design, supply and installation management of 8 moorings in Dampier, WA.

Jeyco Engineering Services Brochure