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Offshore Oil and Gas

Jeyco has over 100 years combined experience in providing offshore towing, fendering, and componentry supply experience in the Marine Industry backed up by continuous successes and sound engineering experience and input. Often posed with situations and scenarios involving safety and increased performance, Jeyco has provided answers to questions posed by major industry members who have previously been unable to achieve the solution they require. Jeyco has designed and implemented various tow array designs, hawsers and other improvements currently unseen whilst providing increased safety, practicality and economic viability.

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Aquaculture and Pearling

For the aquaculture and pearling industries, a reliable mooring is as important as a traditional farmer's fences. Wind, current and wave-induced forces all threaten the integrity of fish farms - a mooring must be well-designed to account for all of these forces and deliver a solution that is cost-effective.

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Shipping and Towage

Jeyco (1992) Pty Ltd carries a comprehensive range of chain, fittings and rope for the Shipping and Tug industry for Australia and the region. Our in house capability includes splicing and rope inspection, mooring design and analysis, installation, tow design and assessment, berthing calculations and total project management.

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Jeyco (1992) Pty Ltd has an excellent relationship with the Australian Defence force and those in the region including Asia and New Zealand and as far away as Thailand. Jeyco provides product support for the Collins Class Submarine and Armidale Class Patrol Boats as well as fast ropes for many different arms of the ADF. Jeyco has NATO approved numbers for many of its products and has provided a number of cost saving solutions to the Navy, Army and Special Services.

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Designed to replace steel, Plasma ropes are gaining popularity globally as lifting slings, winch lines, tow and recovery cables

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