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Solutions for Aquaculture and Pearling

For the aquaculture and pearling industries, a reliable mooring is as important as a traditional farmer's fences. Wind, current and wave-induced forces all threaten the integrity of fish farms - a mooring must be well-designed to account for all of these forces and deliver a solution that is cost-effective.


A bag pen may be either individually moored or suspended in an anchored supporting system. A good supporting system may offer operational advantages such as being a good working platform and providing a base for the mounting of pipes and pumps. Jeyco can sell or hire eqipment and components, and also aid in the design of the mooring system, based on local conditions. Jeyco has replaced 750kg and 1000kg conventional anchors with 150kg and 500kg Stingray anchors on a number of offshore fish farms with outstanding results.


Jeyco has helped many pearling operations to secure their longlines, the most remarkable improvements being in the use of Stingray anchors. 50kg Stingray anchors have successfully replaced 500kg conventional style anchors - making the installation, moving or removal of longlines much easier.