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Designed to replace steel, Plasma ropes are gaining popularity globally as lifting slings, winch lines, tow and recovery cables

When heavy equipment becomes stuck, productivity goes down. Recovering a vehicle can be a difficult and dangerous process. Traditional tow lines made from steel wire rope are heavy, inflexible, difficult to rig, and recoil in dangerous patterns when they break. Whether open-cast or underground mining operations, high performance synthetic rope offers a solution to heavy, dangerous wire rope in critical applications.

As an originator of fiber braiding technology, Jeyco has more than 25 years of experience engineering certified synthetic fiber rope solutions that comply with international standards. Jeyco’s patented PLASMA fiber process and 12x12 braided construction is, size- for-size, equal-or-greater in strength - and 86% lighter - than steel. It does not rust or fish-hook and offers superior bend and tension-tension fatigue properties.

From sales to design to installation, our success is based on a complete engineering package, analysis and design.

Plasma Bog Strop in action

 Mining lifting, towing and winching brochure

Mining Vehicle Revovery Strop

Tieback Cable Brochure

DT Composite Rope Brochure

Plasma 12 Strand Brochure

Plasma 12x12 Strand Brochure