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Moorings are a pertinent part of every vessel that requires a berth in an area where permanent tie up options alongside are not available or not practical to where the vessel is likely to carry out its daily activity. It is also highly important that the mooring is suitable for the vessel tethered to it for a number of reasons most of them relating to Safety and Security to the vessel. A poorly designed or constructed mooring can cause incalculable damage to surrounding vessels or infrastructure if it fails which can be easily prevented if professionally approached. Jeyco sees mooring projects broken into three key areas as follows:-

  1. Engineering: Design of Mooring and Architectural Layout based on the vessels specifications and desired mooring area and use.
  2. Components: Tested and Certified in accordance to Engineering Design.
  3. Installation: by a certified Mooring Installer with adequate experience.

Each of the above steps has equal importance and should be conducted by capable, qualified personnel. Jeyco utilises and is unique in that they have their own Naval Architect and design facilities. Jeyco use the best chandlery products available in their mooring systems which are assembled prior to dispatch and installation which is overseen by qualified Jeyco staff.

Integrityin a mooringis only achieved through experience and technical ability. Jeyco has been designing and supplying mooring systems in Australia and internationally for many years and are a market leader in this capacity.

Designand engineering in a mooring system are the foundations of its performance over its expected life. Regardless of size Jeyco can analyse, design and engineer a mooring system that meets your requirements from individual vessels to whole fleet units.

Qualitycovers a number of mooring fundamentals. Value, reliability and longevity are to name a few. Jeyco uses the best quality components to fit out quality controlled designs and engineering resulting in our clients receiving a system that provides ultimate piece of mind.