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Jeyco has over 100 years combined experience in providing offshore towing, fendering, and componentry supply experience in the Marine Industry backed up by continuous successes and sound engineering experience and input. Often posed with situations and scenarios involving safety and increased performance, Jeyco has provided answers to questions posed by major industry members who have previously been unable to achieve the solution they require. Jeyco has designed and implemented various tow array designs, hawsers and other improvements currently unseen whilst providing increased safety, practicality and economic viability.

Jeyco continues to source new world leading products, Such examples include PLASMA and BoB (Braid Optimised for Bending) HMPE ropes for subsea heavy lifts, pennants and tethers, weightless in water. Utilising hawsers and PLASMA combinations in tow arrays have allowed tows previously unattempted with rope to be completed quickly and efficiently. Jeyco also provides a unique auditing service that ensures their products are performing at optimal levels and meeting and surpassing expectations where required.

Productintegrity is the cornerstone of Jeyco business. Backed by thorough technical analysis ensures clients get the highest quality products that will do the right job the first time.

Serviceis a word not often heard in today’s business society, however it is one of the core values at Jeyco. With a team of highly experienced personnel Jeyco continually proves to be an asset to companies that utilise their services.

Reliabilityin the offshore and marine hardware industry have enabled Jeyco to build up a superior network of suppliers and contractors that Jeyco can offer throughout the Oceanic and Asian region, just another reflection on the business ethos at Jeyco.