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Jeyco is the originator of the world's most efficient drag embedment anchor - the Stingray.

Conventional wisdom states that the heavier an anchor and chain, the better the holding power will be. Jeyco reject this idea, maintaining that good design will out-perform dead weight. The Stingray represents the culmination of years of research and development by recognized experts in the field. The result is an anchor that delivers a performance to cost ratio that other anchors find extremely difficult to match.

In 1998 Jeyco conducted a comparative analysis of various anchor designs, and measured the holding efficiency of each (holding power / weight). The diagram represents the results of these trials.

As the chart demonstrates, Stingray anchors out-perform other designs by between 150 (for the clump weight) and 6 times (the DMS 55).

** Note: Testing on 25kg and 50kg Stringray anchors was stopped before ultimate holding capacity was reached.




Stingray anchors are made in a number of different styles based on the application: for example, the longline version has been designed to pack flat for assembly on site, reducing freight costs considerably. A Stingray anchor can be assembled in seconds, without any special tools being required. Other styles are designed to take account of different application specific requirements.

Stingray Anchor Specification

Stingray Anchor Test Video