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Revolutionary anchors are not the only ground-breaking work being done at Jeyco. Our new open water silt curtains are the only ones like it in Australia. Advanced materials and well designed mooring and floatation systems combine to protect delicate marine environments from the dangers of nearby human activity.

Building sites near water such as marinas and breakwaters, and activities such as dredging have a potentially harmful effect on surrounding, delicate ecosystems. Because it is not known what contaminants may be present in imported materials or in previously undisturbed silt, the Environmental Protection Authority enforces the use of measures to protect these ecosystems from damage. The installlation of silt curtains is one measure than can be taken, helping to confine contaminated or potentially contaminated silt to a defined area.

Silt curtain in open waterSilt curtains are used all over the world for just this purpose, for activities in and around calm water. Jeyco have taken this idea a step further in a revolutionary approach to protect open water, where wind and wave conditions are much more demanding. Utilising composite polyester geotextile curtains with a Jeyco designed mooring and floatation system, open water silt curtains have already been successfully supplied and installed that are almost one kilometer long, without yet approaching theoretical limits. While the geotextile prevents any material larger than 75 microns from passing through, the mooring and floatation system prevent silt from spilling under or over the curtain. The result is complete protection for broad stretches of coastline.