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Your mooring hawser is an extremely critical part of your mooring system and must be treated as such. Easily the most common single point of failure rope is too often left unattended and allowed to suffer through extensive fatigue, UV radiation or salt water ingress and wave splash, over a long period of time causing a massive loss in pliability and strength. Your vessel is generally matched to a specific mooring and has taken into account the dynamic movement of the vessel during a cyclone or storm allowing for the right amount of elongation, excursion and strength to dampen the mooring load correctly when it is most needed.

  1. All hawsers should be inspected annually or after any significant weather event.
  2. Cyclone hawsers are part of the mooring, not part of the ships fit so should be reviewed when changing moorings as they may have different dynamic loads in a severe weather event.
  3. Most hawsers fail after a significant weather event, so don’t be lured into false security, have them checked or replaced, it’s a small price to pay.
  4. Treat your hawser well by keeping clean and dry when not in use and they will reciprocate with good service.
  5. All hawser lines should be class approved

Jeyco (1992) Pty Ltd stock a large amount of specialist ropes and fittings and can provide expert advice on the correct fit and dynamics required for your mooring. Jeyco (1992) Pty Ltd only utilise Double Braids and Multi Plait Ropes manufactured by market leading manufacturers with proven performance backgrounds and class certified by reputable test houses.