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Australia is the largest island in the world. It is also lucky enough to have a pristine coastline with the majority of the country’s population placed along it. In the North we are endowed with an immense wealth of natural resources particularly in the North West Shelf of Western Australia which we are finding, off Queensland’s coast as well. The spin on such a bounty is that it is also a tropical belt that delivers vicious cyclones for six months of the year during the official “cyclone season” and history shows nature can even operate outside the officially labelled time period. As the Oil and gas industry in Australia is predominantly serviced by vessel fleets conducting gas off takes, logistics and personal transfers, surveys and other works there is a concentration of work boats in sheltered ports also servicing the industry. These vessels, in a cyclone situation need to be moored in these areas providing minimal risk to vessels and allow safe passage for personnel looking to evacuate the approaching storm.

Jeyco (1992) Pty Ltd has been designing and installing commercial and domestic cyclone and storm moorings since 1992. With the ability to manage works from conception through to design, procurement, application and installation Jeyco has established itself as the market leader in the region. Only using certified components along with correct engineering processes and procedures Jeyco also provides piece of mind with a long term focus. Jeyco owns and maintains a number of cyclone moorings in Dampier available for lease or rent.

Predominantly using the patented Stingray HHP Anchor (amongst others) Jeyco has over 7000 anchors deployed globally with maximum success in mooring applications. We are the official agents in the region for Puget Sound Rope, manufacturers of PLASMA 12 x 12 and the world’s best double braid ropes used in our hawser systems. Jeyco also has extensive and long term relationships with the most reputable chain and fittings manufacturers in China and Europe delivering high grade components for our systems. Jeyco also provides sound engineering consulting advice and product for towage applications, off take arrays and other dynamic ship movement activities. Jeyco can only attribute its success to their engineering ability, service oriented personnel and a long term focus for improvement in mooring management for the region.

Jeyco (1992) Pty Ltd is unique as that it backs up its designs with a full supply scope of certified quality screened products through years of experience. Jeyco only uses structural buoys in its moorings, a move now ratified through policy in some of our biggest ports. Jeyco can provide design drawings only or your whole project through to analysis, reports and recommendations dependant upon the specific brief.

General Storm & Cyclone General (PDF file size - 331K)