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PLASMA Spectra Fibre Rope

Plasma 12 Strand is the highest strength synthetic rope available. Plasma 12 strand is manufactured from Honeywell Spectra Fiber that has been enhanced by the manufacturers unique recrystallization process resulting in exceptional performance in medium to large diameter ropes where strengths are over 50% higher and has significantly less creep than other similarly marketed 12 Strand products. PLASMA has 100% buoyancy and is considerably lighter in weight in comparison with other lines of comparable strength. PLASMA continually proves itself in the marketplace as being the best value in providing longevity of reliable service and safe handling on site both at sea and land.

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Nylon Double Braid

Nylon Double Braid is the rope of choice for hawser applications for Storm Moorings all the way through to SPM Moorings. Nylon has excellent elongation qualities that dampen peak loads considerably in heavy weather situations. Double Braid is also the ideal construction for this type of application. Jeyco provides Double Braid’s that are DNV certified and tested to ABS standards.

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Polyester Double Braid

Polyester Double Braid is a multi-plaited line constructed predominantly for the towage and pennant markets. Have excellent strength and shock load mitigating qualities Polyester Double Braid from Puget Sound Rope is the market leader in towage in Australia and the region.

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Akwaflex comes in both 8 & 12 Strand Construction making it a diverse rope with a multitude of applications in the marine industry. Used for Berthing, Towlines, Tie Up lines and more rope is a combination of Polyester and Polypropylene allowing the rope to be 100% buoyant with superior strength qualities.

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Polypropylene is a universal rope that comes predominantly in 3 & 8 Strand construction and used generally for daily berthing and mooring applications and not generally for specialty applications.

This rope always has a coloured chaser strand to make it easily identifiable. As this rope is a commodity made by a lot of variable manufacturers it is always advisable to request and acquire the manufacturers specification before purchasing.

Polypropylene Sheet


Fast Ropes

Jeyco Australia supply Fast Ropes to the Australian Military and the region due to its unique low weight integrated HMPE PLASMA Rope Headpiece which replaces the steel attachment piece once traditional on helicopter swarming ropes. This system has been rigorously tested and has it’s own NATO number for this system now proved over many years by the ADF, NZDF, Australian Police, Singaporean Defence Force, Brunei and various other Special Forces in the region.

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Fibre ropes have come a long way since ancient people rolled and wove sheaves of grass. Today, fibre rope is made from familiar synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester, or advanced fibres such as SPECTRA or KEVLAR. Hi-tech machines braid ropes with precise tension and braid angles.

Fibre rope provides excellent strength to weight ratios, and can be found in a bewildering array of configurations that take into account braiding style, stretch, 'feel', torque, wet and dry abrasion, UV resistance, water absorption, inspectibility and splicing characteristics.

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Specialised Rope Products

Jeyco is the sole Australian distributor for the spectra fibre PLASMA (HMPE) rope, PLASMA rope is used in a wide range of high load applications, where traditional wire rope or a larger diameter fibre rope would have been used, PLASMA is stronger, lighter, safer (less recoil) and easier to handle.

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Mooring Design & Supply

Moorings are a pertinent part of every vessel that requires a berth in an area where permanent tie up options alongside are not available or not practical to where the vessel is likely to carry out its daily activity. It is also highly important that the mooring is suitable for the vessel tethered to it for a number of reasons most of them relating to Safety and Security to the vessel.

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