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Braid Style

2 styles of braid generally predominate: the plait and the double braid. Plaited ropes offer easy splicing and inspectibility, while a double braided rope provides up to 25% higher breaking strength on a weight to weight basis.


Elongation characteristics can have a significant defining influence on the uses to which a rope will be put. Ropes exhibiting high elongation rates under load provide excellent shock absorbing properties for highly dynamic applications such as anchor and mooring lines. At other times, such as for trawling or winching and lifting, elongation needs to be kept to a minimum.


Unlike wire rope, most fibre ropes provide a 'soft feel' that is easy on the hands.


Braided ropes provide a 'torque free' construction that prevents the appearance of kinks.


While a fibre rope will never withstand as much abrasive punishment as a wire rope, modern fibres are producing ropes with excellent wear resistance in both wet and dry conditions.

Jeyco takes all of these characteristics into account when advising you on the best choice of rope for your application.

Having exclusive Australian agency for the world's best rope products from Puget Sound Rope and Quintas & Quintas means that Jeyco can provide the highest quality ropes available in Australia.

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