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About Sealite

Sealite began manufacturing marine aids to navigation in 1982.

With the introduction of ultra-high intensity LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), Sealite recognized the advantages of replacing globes with new LED technology. Adopting this new technology allowed Sealite to create a range of products that consume extremely low levels of power, making them ideal for solar energy sources as well as being almost maintenance-free.

Since then, our range of navigation aids has expanded to include; leading lights, bridge lighting, rotationally-molded buoy products, power-systems, and products to provide safe environments for aviation, telecommunication and mining customers worldwide.

More information on Sealite can be found here:- http://www.sealite.com.au/


Jeyco holds the BargeSafe range as well as SL15’s and SL60’s in the complete colour and vector range. We will hold other lights for clients at their request so please don’t hesitate to ask. As we progress with the product it is envisaged that our range will expand to try and cater for specific demands.