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Specialised Rope Products

Jeyco is the sole Australian distributor for the spectra fibre PLASMA (HMPE) rope, PLASMA rope is used in a wide range of high load applications, where traditional wire rope or a larger diameter fibre rope would have been used, PLASMA is stronger, lighter, safer (less recoil) and easier to handle.

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Plasma Winch and Extension Kits

PLASMA is the premium choice of winch ropes in the world for commercial and 4 x 4 ropes.

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Heavy Lift Synthetic Slings

Jeyco manufactures a range of lifting eye-and-eye slings and endless slings using Plasma rope to bring the market the highest strength synthetic slings available.

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Bog Strops


Light • Stronger than Steel • Safe to Handle • Easy to Use

Recovering vehicles from being ‘bogged’ is unfortunately a way of life for all users particularly those that like leaving the bitumen. For commercial vehicles and earthmovers this is an everyday occurrence and delay in recovery can sometimes create irrecoverable expenses by that vehicle being out of action.

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