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Jeyco has established itself over many years as not only as a supplier of globally renowned quality ropes but as a distinctive solution provider to the towage industry. Jeyco, contrary to advice given to our competitors designed, supplied and manufactured the largest towline in the world at the time for the Kizomba (Hyundai) A & B projects. Jeyco also supports a large range of tow service suppliers throughout the country as well as off take support lines, hold back lines and bridles where necessary. We look at a vessels winch system, bollard pull and practises before making recommendations.

Jeyco looks commercially at the way tow equipment is supplied along with technically to ensure that $ per tow are kept sustainable whilst maintaining quality and above all safety for its business partners. Lines that are easy to handle and provide long term reliable service is what Jeyco strives to provide.

Above all Jeyco views all its towage clients as business partners with a long term focus in providing better solutions and advise technical advances when they are required. With a focus on internal integrity and providing the right line for the job Jeyco are the right people for your people.

Towline Drawing